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We put you the contents of the web site of FIWAtec Ltds to the improved information about the disposal. Nevertheless, we ask you, the following hints and liability-exclusions to beachten:Die content of the web site of FIWAtec Ltds, we put you to the improved information about the disposal. Nevertheless, we ask to heed you, the following hints and liability-exclusions. 

1. Liability  

Liability for contents

The contents of our sides were produced with biggest diligence. For the correctness, wholeness and topicality of the contents, we cannot take over any assurance, however. As a service-supplier, we are responsible on these sides in accordance with § 7 Abs.1 TMG for own contents according to the general laws. After § § 8 until 10 TMG as a service-supplier, however, we are not indebted, conveyed or to oversee stored foreign information or to search for circumstances, that point out an illegal activity. Obligations to the distance or stopepage of the utilization of information after the general laws remain from this untouched. A relating to this one 

Liability is possible however only from the time of the knowledge of a concrete infringement. At known-development, we will immediately remove these contents from corresponding infringements. 

Liability for left

Our offer contains left to external web epages third, on whose contents we don't have any influence. Therefore, we cannot take over any assurance for these foreign contents either. For the contents of the verlinkten sides, the respective supplier or operators of the sides always are responsible. The verlinkten sides were checked for possible legal-violations at the time of the Verlinkung. Illegal contents were not recognizable at the time of the Verlinkung. However, a permanent textual control of the verlinkten sides is not reasonable without concrete grounds of an infringement. At known-development of infringements, we become such left immediately removes. 

For the damage and/or change of Hard and software as well as through such damages / changes oderdie application caused consequence-damages the web site or individual files with you or third we don't take over any liability. In this context, we point out that data, that (z.B. sucked. computer viruses) can have been suitable, can be attached this file to cause considerable damages. 


2. Protection-rights 

The utilization of our web epage is possible normally without statement of person-covered data. As far as is raised on our sides of person-covered data (for example name, address or enamel-addresses), this takes place, as far as possibly always, on voluntary basis. These data are not passed on to third without your express consent. 

We point out that the data-transfer in the internet (z.B. with the communication per e-mail) can show security-gaps. A complete protection of the data against the access through third is not possible. The utilization from in the framework of the imprint-duty published contact-data through third to the transmission of not expressly ordered advertisement and information is contradicted hereby expressly. The operators of the sides keep legal steps expressly for itself in the case of the unsolicited delivery from  

Advertising-information, approximately through Spam-Mails, before.Data protection-explanation for the utilization of Facebook-Plugins (Like-Button) Auf our sides is USA Plugins of the social network Facebook, 1601 South California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, integrated. The Facebook-Plugins recognize you on (I" "like it) our side at the Facebook-Logo or the "Like-Button." You find an overview over the Facebook-Plugins here: / docs / plugins /.If you visit our sides, a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook becomes over the Plugin - produced servers. Facebook gets the information in that you visited our side with your IP-Adresse.  If you click on the Facebook "Like-Button", while you are logged in in your Facebook-Account, you can the contents of our sides of your Facebook-Profil verlinken. Facebook can assign the visit of our sides to your user-account through it. We point out that we get no knowledge of the content of the conveyed data as well as their utilization of Facebook as a supplier of the sides. Further information to this finds you in the data protection-explanation of facebook under / policy.php if you, that Facebook can assign the visit of our sides to your Facebook-Nutzerkonto, don't wish, you please log off from your Facebook-Benutzerkonto.Data protection-explanation for the utilization of Google Analytics 

This web site uses Google Analytics, a Webanalysedienst of the Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses sucked. "Cookies", text files that is stored on your computer and the an analysis of the use of the web site of you enables. The information generated through the Cookie about your use of this web site becomes normally at one  

Servers of Google in the USA transfer and store there. However, your IP-Adresse of Google becomes in the case of the activation of the IP-Anonymisierung of this web epage within member states of the European union or in others  

Contract-states of the agreement over the European economic-area before shortened. Only in exceptions, the full IP-Adresse is transferred in the USA at a server of Google and is shortened there. By the operator's order of this web site, Google will use these information in order to appraise your utilization of the web site in order to put together premium over the web site-activities and, to produce about further with the web site-utilization and the internet-utilization of connected services opposite the web site-operator. The IP-Adresse conveyed in the framework by Google Analytics by your browser is not brought together by Google with other data. You/they can prevent the storage of the Cookies through a corresponding attitude of your browser-software; we point out, however, to you that you won't be able to use all functions of this web site of vollumfänglich in this case if necessary. You/they can generate the recording of this through the Cookie in addition and prevent on your utilization of the web site of covered data (incl.. your IP-Adresse) at Google as well as the processing of these data through Google, in that they down-load the Browser-Plugin available under the following Link and install: / dlepage / gaoptout?hl=de.Data protection-explanation for the utilization of Google AdsenseDiese web site uses Google AdSense, a service to binding of advertising-ads of the Google Inc. ("Google"). Google AdSense uses sucked. "Cookies", text files that is stored on your computer and the an analysis of the use of the web site enables. Google AdSense uses also so-called Web Beacons (invisible graphics). By this Web Beacons, information like the visitor-traffic can be appraised on these sides. This through Cookies and Web Beacons generated information about the use of this web site (including your IP-Adresse) and delivery of advertising-formats been transferred in the USA at a server of Google and is stored there. These information can be passed on to covenantors of Google by Google. However, Google doesn't become your IP-Adresse with others from  

Bring together for them/you stored data. You/they can prevent the installation of the Cookies software through a corresponding attitude of your browsers; we point out, however, to you that you cannot use umfänglich fully in this case all functions of this web site if necessary. Through the utilization, you explain yourself to this web site the datum raised over you with the treatment through Google in the before described way and for the before named purpose in agreement. Data protection-explanation for the utilization of Google +1 

Recording and passing on of information help of the Google +1-Schaltfläche can publish you information world-wide. over the Google +1-Schaltfläche, you and other users get, contents of Google and +1 personalized had given, as also information about the side, at which you looked with the click on +1. Her/its/their +1 can be inserted as hints together with your profile-name and your photo in Google-Diensten, like approximately in search-results or in your Google-Profil, or at other places on web sites and ads in the internet. Google records information about your +1-Aktivitäten, about the Google-Dienste for you and, to improve others. In order to be able to use the Google +1-Schaltfläche, you require a world-wide visible, public Google-Profil, that must contain the name chosen for the profile at least.  

This name is used into all the Google-Diensten. In some cases, this name can replace also another name, that you used with the sharing of contents over your Google-Konto. The identity of your Google-Profils can be shown users, that know your e-mail-address or have other identifying information of you at their disposal. 

Application of the recorded information:

Beside the above expounded application-purposes, the information prepared by you is used in accordance with the current Google-Datenschutzbestimmungen. Google possibly publishes condensed statistics over the +1-Aktivitäten the user as well as. this passes on at users and partners, like for example Publisher, advertisers or connected.


Waldenburger street 52
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